Costas Arepa Bar



A flat, round, dairy & gluten-free corn patty stuffed with your favorite ingredients. Arepas lie in the heart of traditional south american cuisine.

Toasted over a cast iron griddle and loaded to the rim with your choice of sustainable and humanly raised animals, fresh ingredients and homemade sauces prepared daily; we pride ourselves in offering good-for-you meals.

Our mission is to use the arepa to connect different cultures, traditions & cuisines from around the world while helping communities in need.

Inspired by our travels, we’ve fused together a mix of unique flavors that we’ve discovered from across the world, bringing you a fresh and flavorful new take on the traditional arepa.

In latin america while the king is the taco,the queen is the arepa!

They use arepa to connect different cultures, traditions & cuisines from around the world while helping communities.


Bondi Beach
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