The Nelson Hotel


The Nelson Hotel wears its history as a badge of honour. Here history is important; old can be done well. It’s a laidback haven, right in the thick of bustling Bondi Junction.

Originally opened in September 1938 by Victor Toohey – one of many interwar hotels built to cater for the notorious ‘six o’clock swill’ – the beating heart of the pub is the public bar with its iconic island bar.

Sitting on the corner of Oxford and Nelson Streets, the art deco design by Cyril Ruwald and Rudder & Grout, who studied just up the road at Sydney East Tech, is celebrated – so much so that the original plans are hung on the walls of the pub for all to see.

Over the last third of a century, the Richardson family has ensured that the art deco essence of The Nelson Hotel has been maintained and, throughout the original bars, restored to its former glory. In the newer spaces the focus is on creating inviting, enjoyable spaces filled with rustic features, ensuring the pub is full of soul.

Its evolution is about honouring the pub’s past while ensuring locals and those further afield feel right at home. Today, The Nelson Hotel is an iconic Australian hotel with all the modern essentials – as many say, a country pub in the middle of the city – full of soul. Come and experience it for yourself.

In this venue, history is important; old can be done well. It’s a laidback haven, right in the thick of bustling Bondi Junction.


Bondi Junction
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