Restaurant Hubert


Hubert is a restaurant for people who love restaurants. It’s a love letter to the kind of big night out that starts in the bar, takes in a show and lingers long, from Martini and oysters to cheese and Cognac. And maybe even another Martini.

Comprising three bars, a large central dining room, a pair of intimate private dining rooms and the Theatre Royale, an art-house cinema that plays host to events and private hire, Restaurant Hubert is equipped for celebration on any scale.

The restaurant’s menus reflect a passion for Paris as well as an understanding that the bistro now belongs to the world. Its chefs take pride in opening oysters to order, cutting the steak tartare by hand and tossing the salade de Maman with care, while enjoying the freedom to dress escargots with XO sauce and frame duck parfait in a shimmering maple-syrup jelly.

Led by France’s greatest artisanal vintners, the wine list is rich, diverse and brimming with examples of the finest low-intervention and avant-garde winemaking the world has to offer balancing benchmark bottles from its most celebrated appellations.

Like everything else about Restaurant Hubert, it is designed specifically with one thing in mind: good times. Liberté, égalité, fraternité.

A venue that offers classic French cuisine, an extensive international wine list, and city’s finest live jazz music


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